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What is a g?

A beautiful thicc greek accent has been asking — and we’ve finally arrived at the intersection where we can begin to define what is the illusive G.


In short, G is anything and everything. Not all things are necessarily G, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be G. With that being said, G is also not something that is become for any reason or purpose, rather it is lived fully or not at all. 


Just like every great triumph — there was a time before and after G — for each and every thing. G was not sought after, but rather it arrived. Its selection is neither exclusive, nor premeditated. It arrives once it’s truly called upon, no sooner, no later. 


Although it’s arrival is unannounced, it is clearly felt and seen.


a G is  

The rarest find

Your revealed inner divine

The result of living unconfined 

A new wave of thinking that sparks in your mind

An intention for a better way, as we leave old dreams behind


To be G is the ultimate way. It’s where Yin dances with Yang. It’s where sexy dark meets loving kindness. It’s the future and the past. It’s an insightful discussion over a phat spliff. It’s a feeling called home, in places you’ve never been before. 


G is you, and it’s me, it’s him, her, and they — but most importantly it’s we. 


Being a G is living with the highest state of gratitude. Gratitude for your life, your challenges,  your people, your things, your body, your mind the WHOLE fucking shabang. 


So thank you, for seeing how blessed you are. For deeply understanding how valuable this is. And for choosing to treat the world around you with the highest degree of gratitude. It is a true pleasure to be in your presence and we’d like to keep it this way.

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